December 2, 2012

There are those out there who are gloating and shoving it into the faces of those who lost.  This wasn’t a land slide so quit laughing, half the nation lost in this election, you would be smart to remember that instead of show boating it and being callous, after all who could lose with the media on their side.  They have the nerve to laugh and criticize Fox News at least they covered the election, unlike MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who said thank God for the storm Sandy; it politically helped Obama win the election.  Who cares about those who lost their lives as long as it helped Obama get re-elected and they criticize Fox News. 


My husband and I were raised in housing project we worked hard from the time we were kids, me 13 years old riding the bus to Downtown Detroit after school every day, trying to help out my parents who couldn’t afford presents or winter coats and gloves for my sister and me.  Not getting home until eleven at night, doing my homework, taking care of my little sister, and then starting the same cycle all over the next day.  My husband worked from the time he was 14 years olds saving what he could so that he could attend college one day.  After we were married he worked two jobs, I don’t even know how many hours a week anywhere from 60-80 a week to make life better for our family, a better life for our children than what we had growing up.    


The Obama campaign did a good job of painting Romney as a rich selfish white person, misleading Americans, maligning Romney, portraying him as an out of touch candidate.   God forbid being white and rich, any other race can be rich, but not white people.  Being rich isn’t a dirty word; it is what the American Dream is all about, as far as being white, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black, liberals can name call, categorize and label people but that is not considered racism what hypocrites.  What they didn’t tell you is how much he gives away to charity and how the liberal Warren Buffett who is for taxing the rich said that Romney paid more than his fair share of taxes, the fact that he didn’t take a salary as Governor of Massachusetts and would not have taken a salary as President, the money he gives to charity.   Romney came from modest means his father worked hard for his family; to say he was out of touch was a misrepresentation of his character.  To condemn him for becoming a successful business man is ridiculous, I would rather have someone in office that has run a business, knows what it takes to become a success.  Logic tells you that he could very well be able to get our country back on the right track.    


My husband started his own business ten years ago and has put his whole life into trying to make it successful.  I’m 61, he is 56 if my husband’s business becomes successful, I will be proud of how far we have come.  We didn’t take any handouts, we didn’t milk the system, and we did it with hard work.  There are so many entitlements out there why should people work; they are living off the sweat of people like us who go to work every day.  There are people who are down on their luck and need a helping hand, I don’t mind helping them but what is happening today is out of control; such as the girl I served in the restaurant where I work.  She wanted to use her bridge card to play Keno, as she is talking on her new IPhone.  My husband’s business generously donates to the Wounded Warriors Project, I would rather give my money to these soldiers and their families because they have truly given everything they had for this country, if you want your money to go to entitlements go ahead and give it to those who freeload but keep your hands out of my wallet.  


The government can cut back and quit spending Americans hard earned money.  They should go after Obama’s aides who owe over 900,000 in back taxes. That doesn’t include those in his cabinet and members in congress that have stated that they didn’t know they owed taxes; really don’t you file a tax return every year like every American?  Quit throwing away our tax dollars on environmental projects that fail.  Perhaps they should try to get the economy back on track and Americans working again before dumping our money into unsuccessful enterprises, throwing good money after bad is irresponsible.  How about tapping into our oil, or drilling in the gulf, China and India are already drilling there if you think they are using environmentally safe drilling procedures you are kidding yourself.    


If it wasn’t for Fox News we wouldn’t know about the Benghazi Attack, again they have the nerve to malign Fox News.  The MSM didn’t report on the attack but sat on the story for weeks, hoping they could keep it under wraps until after the election so Obama could remain President.  Thank God those two brave Navy Seals ignored White House orders to stand down.  They saved so many lives while giving up their own.  The president refused to send back up and the CIA pleaded not once, twice, but three times, why?  Because the President didn’t want to call it a terror attack, in fact the word terrorism isn’t part of this administrations language.  Covering up for this president has been the media’s job for the last four years, but they had no problem exposing anything they could about President Bush, didn’t matter if it wasn’t true all that mattered was tearing him down. 


They have the gall to call anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama’s platform racists.  They throw the word around in answer to any fact that they don’t want to accept, or give the run around to any question that they don’t want to answer.  It makes me wonder are all African American who criticized Bush racists, of course not; they are entitled to their opinion but conservatives are not.  The Liberals have no problem calling Condoleezza Rice Aunt Jamima, and Colin Powell, Uncle Tom because they dare to have conservative values.  In fact any African American that is a Republican is vilified and referred to as traitors, so isn’t that racist?  Of course the same goes for conservative women how liberals treat them is irreprehensible, irresponsible, and offensive, but it seems that the media (again except for Fox News) doesn’t find that offensive enough to report.  That only applies to liberal women; such as that poor 32 year old Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, who expects the taxpayer to pay for her birth control pills.  I would rather see the money go to helping those suffering from cancer and other diseases than on birth control.  The media circus coverage over this poor, poor girl was way over the top, but then again she is a liberal, only conservative women are fair game.


As for me, perhaps re-electing Obama is the best thing, perhaps after eight years of the liberal agenda when the economy isn’t any better, when small business can’t stay open, when people are being laid off, when taxing the rich hasn’t helped the economy, when more business start employing part-time help to get around Obama Care, the liberals along with Democrats, President Obama can no longer blame Bush for all their economic woes, the American people will finally see exactly how the liberal policies of the Democratic Party have wreaked havoc on our economy and on our country.                    


December 2, 2012



First I would like to say that I am the daughter of an immigrant, who upon arriving in the United States, fell in love with this country and became a U.S. citizen so please do not try to label me a racist, prejudiced, intolerant, or bigoted which seems to be the norm in today’s society if you dare to speak your opinion.


There are a lot of issues facing this country today, but for me, my family and friends, it is the instability of the world as a whole in relation to our country. North Korea and Iran have built or are building long range missiles and Nuclear weapons.  Venezuela would like to see us destroyed with them leading the charge.  The Middle East is in constant turmoil and some would like to wipe Israel of the face of the earth.  Our immigration policy needs to be reformed and the quota lowered, our borders need to be secure, we need to unite as a nation, and we have to quit apologizing for who we are.  We are a nation that is the first to lend a hand in any crisis facing the world today, yet we are maligned and hated around the world, as my sister and I learned first-hand when we went abroad more than 25 years ago.  Which by the way was long before Bush came along so we can quit singing that tune.  We have to stop being so politically correct and stand up for our way of life.  When immigrants come here they need to assimilate to our way of life and not the other way around.  We are the only country where people from abroad come here and try to live the way of life that they left behind.  If it was so great where they came from then why did they leave?  Introduce us to your culture, people from all over the world have a lot to contribute but don’t push your way of life on us here.  It is our Freedoms that make us strong and we should be proud of who we are, what we stand for.  Stop allowing another country’s laws to be practiced here, once you arrive here than you need to adhere to our laws.  You have the right to Freedom of Religion but not to the point where it puts our people at risk.  Everyone needs to quit being so thinned skinned, people seem to be offended by one thing or another, we are losing our Freedom of Speech more and more each day.  We need to study history, something our schools have decided not to do because it may offend some students.  We have to quit judging people in the past by our standards today.  History is critical to our present and future it can teach us to avoid the mistakes of the past.  Every nation that has reigned as a world power in the past has failed, some because of complacency, others from destruction within.  Unfortunately we seem to be headed in that direction unless something is done.  The tragedy of 9/11 was a wakeup call but it seems that we are starting to forget the horror of that day. There are numerous threats to our country every day and we don’t have knowledge of how many have been thwarted, but the reality is that someday due to our reluctance to secure our borders another tragedy could strike our nation.


I don’t pretend to know the facts behind the issues facing our leaders today nobody does.  When elected the president then finds out why his predecessor made the decisions he made, the dangers our country is facing, and the burden that now rests on his shoulders.  Only then does he realize that his campaign promises may not be fulfilled exactly or as quick as he promised, or that they may not be fulfilled at all.


We need a strong leader, someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for our country, who doesn’t allow himself to be pushed around by special interest, who doesn’t apologize for who we are or what we stand for, who does whatever it takes to keep us safe, secure, does not turn his back on our constitution, our laws, our judicial system while bowing to the likes of people who have no respect for who we are or what we stand for and would like nothing better than to see us destroyed.   After all the president of the United States of America is perceived as the most powerful man in the world, the leader of the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, he should hold his shoulders up, walk proudly, demand respect, and stand tall in the face of adversity.

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November 7, 2009

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